Oriental Theme


Large Phoenix

Beautiful phoenix in red, gold and white.

Measures approx 15 cm x 9 cm.

Chinese Dragon

Beautifully embroidered Chinese dragons in either gold, red or black.  They measure approx 5.5 inches (14 cm) from head to tail and approx 3.5 inches across.  These would be a stunning addition to personalise your  blouse, t-shirt or jacket.

Simply cover with a damp cloth and iron on.

Long Tailed Phoenix

This phoenix measure approx 4.5" from head to tip of the tail and 3" across the wings. Either red (with black & gold) or the multi coloured which includes blues, greens & purples.


Zoom in for a closer look.


Slightly smaller than those above, these measure approx 4" x 3.5" (7 cm x 10 cm) at widest points.

Available in pink or blue.

Oriental People

These three jolly Oriental people stand approx 4" tall.  Choose from Pink & Gold or Red Ladies or the gent in the blue kimono.

Oriental Girl

Pretty little girl with a pink fan, stands approx 2.5" tall.

Kimono Jacket

Beautifully embroidered kimono jacket in a choice of three colours,

measures approx 2" x 2"

Click on colour choice which will show a closer image of the colour.

They are embroidered onto embroidered fabric which will vary the background pattern. 

Chinese fan

Choice of 3 colours in this very popular Chinese fan, ideal for your oriental cards.



Chinese Blossom Fan

Very pretty pink cherry blossom decorates this Chinese style fan, measuring approx 3" long and 1½" across.

Dragon Patch

Measuring just under 2" square these dragon patches are available in either red or gold.

Tai Chi

This Yin/Yang Symbol measures approx 1.5" across and has the words TAI CHI on red plus the Chinese symbol meaning Tai Chi.

Kung Fu

Motif measures approx 1¾" in diameter, and has silver background with black figure and red symbols.


According to our source this is the symbol for luck.  Hope this is right.

It measures approx 2" across and is in silver, red & black.

Kung Fu 2

According to our source this is the symbol for Kung Fu. Hope this is right.

It measures approx 1½" square


Pretty blue embroidered patch with the Chinese symbol for Longevity. Measures approx 6 cm square.

Chinese Patches (Group 1)

Peace. Love & Happiness symbols and Chinese writing.

Chinese Patches (Group 2)

Peace. Love & Happiness symbols inside a hexagon shape