Ballet Dancing & Fairies


Ballet Dancers

This cute trio of ballet dancers available in a choice of  colours. Look at "More Images" for a description of each then choose from the drop down box.


All measure approx 2¾" tall.

Little Petal Ballet Dancers

Another cute trio of ballet dancers with petal skirts, available in a choice of three colours . Please look at "More Images" for a description and then choose from drop down box.

Lilac Ballerina

Pretty ballerina dressed in a lilac tutu which is decorated with stars, measures approx 4.5" tall (11.5 cm)

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Purple Sequin Ballet Dancer

This cute ballet dancer is dressed in a pink and lilac dress with lilac sequins on the skirt. She measures approx 7 cm.


Deep Pink Ballerina

This one is maybe for the older girls as she looks a little more grown up.  She measures 8cm from the tip of her fingers to her tows.

Swan Lake Dancer

This beautiful ballerina from Swan Lake measures approx 6" (5 cm) and is decorated with sequins on her tutu.

Ballet Star

Pretty pink ballet shoes hanging on a line with stars and ribbons. Ideal for the little ballet dancer. Line measures approx 4" long.
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Pink Ballet Shoes

These pretty pink ballet shoes measure approx 8 cm from the top of the ribbon to the toes.
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Lilac Dress & Shoes

Pretty lilac embroidered dress with a frilled skirt with silver trim and matching lilac ballet shoes.  Dress measures approx 6 cm long and shoes measure approx 3 cm.

Pink Ballet shoes & Heart

Sweetie heart

What little girl could resist this pretty heart motif with a pale blue denim type background and embroidered with pretty pink ballet shoes.

Approx 5 cm x 5 cm.

Pink Princess

Ideal for your little Princess - this motif measures approx 3" long.


Ideal for any little princess this embroidered motif measures approx 2½" long. Ideal for scrapbooks, cards or clothes.

Pink Fairy

Dancing like a little ballerina this cute fairy with sequinned wings is 2½" tall

Purple Fairy

Purple fairy granting your wish to make any little girl happy. 

She stands just 2" tall.

Elegant Fairy

This one looks a bit more grown up, perhaps big sister to the younger fairies above. Her dress is blue and white and she has sequins on her wings.  She is 2½" tall.


Pretty fairies in different poses, with sequins on their dress and headdress. Each one measure approx 6 ot 7 cm tall depending on the position of the fairy