Animals - cute and cuddly

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Baby Blue Elephant

Cute blue appliquéd baby elephant with a bottle, approx 4 cm x 4 cm.


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Baby Pink Elephant

Pretty pink appliquéd baby elephant with a dummy, approx 3.5 cm x 5 cm.



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Best Friends

Best Friends Embroidered motif - dog & a teddy bear measuring approx 8 cm across.
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Boy Teddy with Balloon

Cute appliquéd teddy wearing denim jeans and a green waistcoat, carrying a pink satin balloon (don't iron over balloon) measures approx 3½" x 1½"
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Approx 4 cm x 3 cm


Measures approx 5 cm x 6 cm.

Cheeky Monkey

Cute monkey's head measuring approx 1¾" x 1¾"

Chenille Chicks

Cute little chenille chicks in either pink or yellow.

Measuring approx 4 cm x 4 cm across the body (not counting tail feathers)

Chenille owl

Cute chenille owl in pink or green.

Measuring approx 4 cm x 5 cm.

Clara the cow

A cute cow . Approx 4 cm x 5 cm


Sorry new stock arrived without bell :-(


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4 cm x 5 cm


Measures approx 4 cm across (including tail feathers).


Just a small one measuring only 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm

Cute Koala

This cute Koala clinging on to his tree measures approx 2" x 1½"
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Dog with Bone

How Much is That Doggy?  Oh what a sad look on his face - this cute dog with a bone looks like he needs a new home.  He measures approx 5 cm x 5 cm. 
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Dog with tuft

Cute appliquéd dog with a cream tuft of hair. Measures approx 6 cm x 5 cm.


Another small one at only 3.5 cm x 3 cm

Ellie the Elephant

Ellie the elephant dressed in pink. Measures approx 3" from tail to tip of trunk.

Elephant Head

Cute little grey elephant with pink ears Measures 5cm x 4cm.

Flying elephant - two piece

This motif is in two pieces and can be positioned close together or appart and at an angle - your choice.  It measures approx 8 cm long.

Fluff the Dog

Fluffy dog measures approx 5 cm x 6 cm.


Measures approx 4.5 cm tall x 3.5 cm.
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Green Parrot

Happy Cow

Measures approx 5 cm x 5cm


Cute little brown hedgehog measuring approx 4 cm x 3 cm.

Hedgehog 2

Chenille textured hedgehog measuring approx 5 cm long

Hedgehog 3

Cute little not so prickly hedgehog


Measures approx 4 cm x 3.5 cm

Hello Monkey

Hello little monkey - this one measures approx 2" x 2".
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Horses Head

Horses head measures approx 50 mm from tip of the ears to the nose. 

Jewelled Elephant

Measures approx 4 cm x 5 cm