Girlie Themes

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Cherry Girl

Beautiful girl "Cherry" ready to shop till she drops.  Dressed in denim jeans and t-shirt with a real bead necklace.  She measures approx 15 cm tall.  Great for jazzing up jeans or t-shirts.

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Modern Girl

Ready for shopping or disco dancing, this modern girl, wearing a denim skirt and yellow blouse, with matching bag, hat and boots. measures approx 14.5 cm tall.
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Shop till you Drop

A thoroughly modern girl with shopping bags. 

This is one of the larger embroideries at 15 cm tall (approx 6") .

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Smart Girl

Really Smart Girl dressed in blue jeans and pink tweed jacket and hat, with matching shoes and bag.

Teenage Girls

Choose from Yoga, These Boots, Mobile Chat, or Eco Shopper.


Approx 9 cm tall.


Vintage Fashion - Gold

The first of these Vintage Fashion series. The colour in the title relates to the shoes in each set.

Set of three motifs - ladies head, handbag & shoes. As a guide to the size, the head measures approx 1½" x 2".  The hat is black with a gold trim, and the handbag is black & gold.

Vintage Fashion - Black

Set of three motifs - ladies head, handbag & shoes. As a guide to the size, the head measures approx 1½" x 2".


Although the title says black, this is relating to the shoes.  The hat in this set is purple with a red band and flower, shoes and bag are black and silver.

Little Black Dress

Everyone loves a little black dress, ideal for many occasions.  This one is made from a sparkly material with a pink waistband bow, and straps.  It is approx 7 cm long and comes with pretty matching shoes (shoes may vary).

Make up set

Set of girlie motifs, with lipstick, make up and perfume spray, now available in black or pink. As a size guide the lipstick in black is 4 cm high and in the pink it is 3 cm high.
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Black Handbag

Modern design, black handbag with pink, purple and silver spots, measures approx 4 cm across.
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Handbag - criss cross design

Sold singly with a choice of black or pink, measuring approx 4.5 cm across.

Elegant Hat

Ice Skaters

Choose from one of these skaters, pink, blue or purple. They measure between 7 - 9 cm depending on the skating position.

Ice Skate

Single boot Ice Skate in either white or blue. 

Measures approx 4cm x 5 cm

Ice Skates - Pair

Pair of ice skating boots with pink laces and glittering gems.

Measures approx 5cm x 5cm.

Skaters outfits

Pretty ice skaters dancing outfit of dress and skates.

Available in a choice of colours, blue, pink, purple.

Dresses measure 3.5 - 4 cm and skates measure approx 5 cm from bow to tip of blade.

Summer Fun

A choice of Summer hat & sandals or bag and sandals in this colourful Summer fun theme.

Hat & Sandals Set - hat measures approx 6.5 cm wide x 3 cm, sandals 4 cm wide x 3.5 cm

Bag & Sandals Set - bag measures 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm, sandals are approx 4 cm x 4 cm

Girls Face

Chic chick with spotted hat and sunglasses. 

Measures approx 4 cm x 5 cm.


Pink cross and heart with the word Angel linked by two strands of chain.

The cross measures approx 5cm high x 4cm across.