Male & Sporting Themes

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Score - back of the net - approx 8 cm x 4 cm.

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Hot shot footballers will love this embroidered motif of a firey football and the word SOCCER in black and green.  Measures approx 8 cm x 4 cm.
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Football & Boot

Right on the ball with this smart boot and ball. Measures approx 6 cm x 4 cm.
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Football Boots

Smart pair of football boots, ideal for any footie fan's birthday card or for Father's Day.
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Football on it's own with this one measuring approx 4 cm in diameter.


Don't recognise the team colours but unfortunately this is the only colour available.

Measures approx 2½" x 2¾"


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Great one for the golfers in the family.  Make a great birthday card or just to iron on a tee shirt or small towel for drying their clubs (or whatever they do).  Measures approx 7 cm long and 4 cm high. GOLF is embroidered in gold threads.
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Golf Bag

Beautiful red, black & green golf bag and clubs. Another great decoration for cards, tee shirts etc for the golfer in your life.

Gold Golf

The word GOLF spelt out using a Gold letter G, the golf ball for the O and golf clubs for the L & F - very clever. It measures approx 2" x 2" at it's widest points. Ideal for a male birthday card or for his golfing T-shirt.

Golf gear

Golf shoes, hat, gloves, clubs and golf ball. Length of clubs is 8 cm (diagonal) and across hat a shoes measures approx 6 cm. Great embellishment for a card for a keen golfer or for smartening up a t - shirt.

Golf Strand

Approx 10.5 cm long.  GOLF in gold thread, behind the word there is a string of golf balls with clubs at the top of the strand, shoes and a flag at the bottom and the golf bag behind the word.

Golf Clubs Badge

Diamond shape motif with crossed gold clubs and golf ball.  Ideal for a golfers t-shirt.

Ladies Golf

Ladies golf umbrella & bag with clubs.measures approx 6.5 cm x 5 cm.


Fishing Gear

I'm no fishing expert, but this looks like waders, keep-net & hat hanging up ready for him to go fishing. Great for the fisherman in your life, for a birthday card or to brighten up his T-shirt.  This motif measures approx 3" long x 2" wide.

Fish Badge

I am told that this fish is a rainbow trout.  This motif measures approx 2" x 2".

Fishing Creel

This of course is the basket to carry the catch in - if he catches anything that is. It measures approx 2" x 2".

Fly fishing spinner 1

Measures approx 1" x 1¾"

Fly Fishing Spinner 2

This one measures approx 1¾" x 1½"

Fish 2

Measuring approx 7 cm from nose to tail fin.

Fish 3

This one measures approx 7.5 cm long.

Fish 4

Measures approx 7.5 cm long.

Fish in Reeds

Fish Jumping

Rainbow Fish

Not sure any anglers would like to catch one of these but it's very colourful.

Koi Carp with flower

Measures approx 4 cm x 4 cm

Ghost Koi Carp

Koi Carp