Embroidered Motifs


Please note our holiday closure will be from 15th August to 2nd September
These embroidered motifs have a dual purpose. Most come complete with foam pad stickers for your card making or scrap booking. Once the event is over and the card is finished with - peel off the stickers and they can be ironed directly onto your clothes, a tee shirt, shorts, dress, jeans etc. It's makes the card into a gift - dual purpose. Alternatively, just buy for your clothes. The motifs are made from high quality embroidery threads and are fully washable. Make a cheap tee shirt into designer wear, hide that annoying stain on the kids clothes (or yours), or cover up the rip in your jeans. All come complete with instructions for ironing onto garments (instructions also printed below).

Instructions for Using the Motifs

Dual purpose embroidered motifs for cards and clothes. The motifs are made from high quality embroidery threads, and are fully washable. They can be ironed directly onto clothing or used to decorate your handmade cards. When the card is finished with, the sticker can be carefully removed and can still be ironed onto clothes.

It makes the card into a gift!
They can also be used to decorate boxes and other craft items.

For Card Making
Some of our motifs come complete with double sided sticky pads. Just remove the yellow paper and stick directly onto your cards as desired. If you wish to use on garments afterwards – just carefully peel off the sticky pad and follow instructions below.

Place embroidery onto garment. Set iron temperature to cotton. Cover embroidery with a damp cloth and iron for 60 seconds. Turn garment inside out and iron until dry. Do not iron onto heat sensitive fabrics eg. PVC & nylon etc.  For jeans or trousers we recommend  adding a few stitches to the motif, especially if it is to be placed on or around the knee area where it will be liable to stretching with wear.


Garments can be machine washed at 30 degrees.  When ironing the garment take care around edges of motif.