A3 Foiling Machine

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New model A3 Foil It Machine

A3 Foiling Machine - New Improved Model

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Ideal for the card maker running a small business.

Great for wedding invitations etc.

Will take any size up to A3, using paper or card. 

Make a full A4 sheet of toppers or banner messages, print and foil directly onto your card.  Print and foil an insert for your card using a special verse. Print and foil an A4 sheet of business cards to your own design.

Please note the foil will only bond to toner from a laser printer (or some photo copiers), but be aware that not all printers are suitable.

We include a starter pack with some samples of foil and some cards ready for foiling so you can try it out if you don't have your laser printer yet.  Also this helps to determine if your own printer is suitable if you get poor results with your printer but good results with our samples which we know works well.  Also included is a Memory stick which contains the instructions (in pdf format so you can print them if you wish), 1,000 verses for all occasions (Microsoft Word) and 100 pieces of clip-art (jpeg format) suitable for foiling.


NB: The size of this machine is 50cm x 20cm x 10cm 

(just so you know how much space to clear on your desk).