Foiling Machine & Toner Foil

This machine will give a professional finish to your cards by adding a touch of elegance which can not be beaten by a simple peel-off. How many times have you made a card and need a certain message to add to the card but can't find a peel-off with the right sentiment. Simply print your message using a Laser printer, place foil over the top and pass through the machine - lift off the foil and there is your message in whatever colour foil you desire. You can also print off your insert with a special verse and foil this too. If using a thin paper, it is advisable to sandwich with a piece of card. You can make your own foiled topper, banners for cards, or even your own business cards. Ideal for creating your own wedding invitations etc. All you need is your own black and white artwork printed off using a LASER Printer. The foil sticks to the toner.